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P and R Equestrian Centre are running a popular Pony Club for children, which have proven a great success. The level of interest is high for this superb activity so please contact us so that we can discuss your needs and confirm when the next programme is due to start.

Here are just a few pictures from some of these clubs…

P&R Equestrian Centre’s Children’s Pony Club

The children’s Pony Club is designed for youngsters who would like to become involved in Pony Club activities.  It gives children the opportunity to learn more about riding and pony care, through a range of fun activities and events held here at P and R Equestrian Centre.

The pony club is an international voluntary youth organisation, for those interested in ponies and riding.  It is the largest association of riders in the world.  It has representation in 14 countries and a membership exceeding 111,000.

Pony Club members are encouraged to take the Pony Club Achievement badges, Efficiency Tests and Progressive Awards, and to have great fun doing so.

Check out our Photo Galleries and our Facebook page, for the latest Pony Club news and pictures!

Pony Club Logo Pony Club Pony Club Pony Club Pony Club Pony Club

The official Pont Club website gives a lot more detail: “Pony Club is an ideal way to further your skills and knowledge about horse care, riding and animal welfare.  Pony Club helps create strength of character, loyalty, self-discipline and sportsmanship, whilst young people are encouraged to ride and learn to enjoy all aspects of ponies and riding.

Competitions are held at Branches and Centres, with tests and competitions helping young people develop to their full potential in this area.  Many former Members go on to compete at international competitions which helps to raise the international sporting profile of the nation.”

More information can be found at the Pony Club website:  http://www.pcuk.org/

Pony Club