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Breed: Gypsy Vanner  Height: 15.3

Year of Birth: 2000 Colour: Piebald

Discipline: Hacking, Jumping and Driving.  

Used for the Centre

We have owned Rocky since he was 3 years old. He loves hacking and driving, is so calm and laid back and would suit a novice ride,  He loves being praised, he thrives on being praised. Rocky gives all he has got for jumping - he really enjoys it. He does have a special technique over fences but he is very bold and careful, he has fantastic manners and a very kind attitude. Rocky loves going to the Beach and jumping all the puddles. He loves a lot of fuss and attention. He loves a good gallop in the stubble fields. Rocky also drives.  

He has a best friend called Blaze who we rescued and brought to Friskney.


Breed: Welsh Sec A   Height: 11.1  

Year of Birth: 1995 Colour: Grey   

Discipline: Hacking and Driving.

Used for the Centre

Dinky we have had since she was 6 months old. She is a fun pony to have, and she loves hacking and really enjoys her driving. She has bred a foal which we are going to use in the school: Beauty.

Dinky has a fabulous temperament; she would be groomed all day long if she had her way as she loves all the attention. She is easy to handle and very sensible. She is a lovely, good-natured polite pony to own. She is a novice ride as she is so well behaved and chilled.


Breed: Hanoverian Height: 17.2

Year of Birth 28.05.96 Colour: Dark Bay  

Discipline: Hacking and show jumping

Used for the Centre

Duchess is a part-bred Hanoverian. She came to us in 2005 after serving with the Household Calvary.  She has been superbly trained, very easy to handle and is a very sensible horse. She is lovely to ride and suitable for novices. Duchess has a fabulous laid back temperament and attitude; she produces all these qualities in her stock. She has also bred a few foals, which are being trained for use in the school and also for stud.

She is a very kind mare, good as gold and a real pleasure to own.

Here you can find more details about each individual member of our working horses and ponies. Just use the quick-links provided, below. If you want to see more  pictures of each horse, go to the horse s section of our Picture galleries.

 We have four-legged friends who are well-mannered and very well behaved, perfect for the beginners and those finding their feet. Rocky is one that fits this to a tee. We have many who, although very behaved, are larger and/or more forward and would suit more confident riders.

We also have a number of exciting Youngstock, who are working their way into the Centre. These will either be our horses of the future or will be potential parents of our next generation of youngsters.

You can use these links (below) to quickly reach the horse or pony of your choice, for pictures and more details.

Charlies Angel

Breed: Hanoverian x Trakehner  Height: 16.2

Year of Birth 12.07.09 Colour: Dark Bay  

Discipline: Hacking and show jumping

Not suitable for the school.


Although not a novice ride, Charlie is easy to handle and is a very sensible horse so is lovely to ride. She is so well mannered. Charlie has a fabulous temperament and attitude She has no nasty bone in her body. Charlie loves being groomed and tries to get as much attention as possible. She is a star to own.


Breed: Section B    Height: 11.2

Year of Birth: 08.06.2002 Colour: Chestnut

Discipline: Hacking, Driving and Showing  

Private Use

Beauty is homebred. Beauty’s mum is Dinky and her dad is Bridghill Bee Keeper. She is a lovely character, took to riding and driving like a duck to water. She is fabulous.

She loves doing any of her three favourite disciplines.

When shown in hand she is always placed in competitions. She is a fabulous little native pony  and is admired wherever she goes.


Breed: Hanoverian Height: 16.3

Year of Birth: 2000 Colour: Bay  

Discipline: Hacking, Show jumping and Driving.


Used for the Centre

We’ve had Lady since she was 6 weeks old, bought with her mum. She was totally un handled but a few weeks with us and she was transformed.  She is a chilled and relaxed, with a laid back temperament.

She is easy to handle and very sensible. Lady has very impressive paces and power for show jumping. She loves all the attention she can get. She is always pleased to see you and greats you at the gate.  She has bred a superb foal, King George, who will be put to stud.

Lady loves hacking and driving but also shines at show jumping. Her stable manners are to die for. She is a real lady.


Breed: Hanoverian Height: 17.3  

Year of Birth: 1998 Colour: Black  

Discipline: Hacking ,Show jumping, Dressage, Hunting.  

Private Use

We initially bought Hattie as a 12-year old to use her as

a brood mare, but soon decided to ride her when we saw her abilities.  She’s a lovely laid back mare, has been used for eventing and hunting, but now after a quieter life. Hattie is a very big girl but she is great to handle. Like all horses she can have her moments, but is kind and an honest mare. She excels in any discipline. She is very bold and jumps well. She is just a lovely mare to own.

Rocky | Blaze | Dinky | Duchess| Charlie Angel | Beauty | Angel

 Lady | Hattie | Heather | Patches | King George | Spartacus








Our Horses and Ponies



Breed: Welsh Sec C   Height: 13.3

Year of Birth: April 2007   Colour: Chestnut, Flaxen mane and tail

Discipline: Hacking and Driving.  

Private Use

Blaze was rescued at 6 months old and was a very scared pony and very little handled, it took a very long time to gain his trust, but when you have got it well you’re made. He is a very sensitive horse to handle and is very quick and sharp. He is not a novice ride as he can be quirky when ridden.  He is besotted with Rocky and best of buddies. Blaze likes to go out in winter and have a great roll in all the mud.


Blaze Dinky Duchess


Beauty Lady Hattie


Breed: Dutch Puzzle Height: 13.3

Year of Birth: 02.05.2010     Colour: Skewbold

Discipline: Broodmare.

Patches has been with me since May 2013  We have spent a lot of time on her to bring her around  and she has turned out to be a super broodmare and has produced some lovely foals so we are going to keep her as a brood mare


King George

Breed: Hanoverian x  Warmblood   Height: 16.0

Year of Birth: 25.05.2011 Colour:Buckskin  

Future Discipline:  Dressage, hacking, show jumping, Stud Youngstock

King George is homebred Dam Lady, Sire Dunhill Pursuit. He was our first foal from Lady and I knew from the moment he was born he was not going anywhere! He is just amazing. He has always been a cheeky chap but very affectionate, loving and wanting your attention all the time. He has never been a mummy’s boy.


Breed: Sec B x Cob Height: 12.0  

Year of Birth: 20.06.2010 Colour: Skewbold

Future Discipline:   Driving,showing, Stud.   Youngstock

Spartacus is home bred Dam Beauty and Sire Red Cob. Spartacus is a very very cheeky chap. He loves being in charge. Well, he thinks he is, but still loves his cuddles and attention. He loves playing football in the field. He’s a bit of a Prima Donna!




Breed: TB x Cob  Height: 14.3   

Year of Birth: 18.06.09 Colour: Pintaloosa

Future Discipline:  Showing, hacking, show-jumping. Youngstock

Angel is homebred.  She excels in showing and show-jumping. We have shown her in hand and she is always placed. She is going to be one to watch in the future. She is very laid back, loves being groomed and getting attention. Angel is well handled she has a pretty head and has eye-catching looks with her unusual markings. She shows signs of a homozygous pintaloosa but has not yet been tested. She is well mannered. She has fantastic elevated paces when playing. She is just a pleasure to own.


Breed: Friesian x   Height: 15.2

Year of Birth: —––––-      Colour:Dark bay  

Future Discipline:   Hacking, Leisure driving

Heather is a fun horse to have in the yard she is a very steady horse, nothing fazes here. She is sure a popular one in the yard. Everyone enjoys riding her.


Angel Patches King George Spartacus Heather